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The Sustainable Change Roadmap By PPL

A guest blog by our friends at PPL Consulting who share their roadmap for working with the public sector. Their ethical approach applies to any sector, so it's a must-read for anyone struggling to create a collaborative and meaningful change in their organisation.


How I Did It - What To Know When You Leave A Corporate To Found A Tech Startup

We interviewed 7 of London’s entrepreneurs across a wide range of industries to find out the first steps they took to leave a corporate career and build a startup. We've distilled the best bits, the absolute key takeaways any founder needs to know for when their startup is at its most raw and vulnerable - the beginning.


How I Started A Tech Business - As Told By Seven Of London's Top Entrepreneurs

We've shone a light on seven entrepreneurs who've made the journey from corporate to startup so that others fighting to start their own business can capitalise on hard-won experience and practical tips. You can browse their war stories by advice, ex-profession, hard skills, personal challenges, and startup industry.