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How I Did It - I Left The BBC While Heavily Pregnant To Found A Parents Tech Startup

Sara Tateno joined a pre-accelerator at Google Campus just ten days after giving birth. She started a full time coding course 6 months later. Now her startup Happity serves thousands of parents, and her wee one is still barely out of nappies. Here's how she did it.


How I Did It - I Left Procter And Gamble to Start London's Biggest Female Entrepreneurs Network

Blooming Founders supports thousands of women in London as they start and scale high growth ventures. The blooming-est founder is Lu Li, who started the community to realise her passion for innovation and collaboration. Here's how she did it.


How I Did It - I Left PwC To Join An Artificial Intelligence Startup

How does a startup founder get a CTO with decades of experience gained at League Of Legends, News International, the World Health Organisation, and PwC? Tor Gisvold is such a man, and he shares his advice for founders looking to build a tech business with the very best talent.