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Automated ecommerce via connected scales


When Unilever put out the call for ideas to make ecommerce more efficient and sustainable, Solid State’s thinking stood out – in a highly competitive environment.

We developed a connected weighing scale for consumers to use at home, which would automatically order replacement products from a supermarket partner when stocks were getting low.


Unilever was looking for big ideas to improve ecommerce systems, and staged a hackathon with 250+ people competing to develop the best solutions.

The Solid State team decided to streamline ecommerce by building a weighing scale to sit underneath any Unilever product in the home, automatically re-ordering that product when it sensed the weight drop below a certain level.

In just 48 hours, we needed to build a working hardware prototype and integrate it with a supermarket’s online ecommerce system.


In two days, we created a proof-of-concept that included a hardware device and a simplified website, automatically adding products to a supermarket shopping basket when their weight fell below a pre-set refill level.

It successfully demonstrated the potential of the system – and seriously impressed the judges.


The guests were visibly impressed by the integration of technology and fashion, which worked perfectly on the night. Many guests made transactions during the event, proving that there’s an appetite for innovative payment solutions.

And like all the best fashion, our solution was stylish, seamless and bespoke.

“The guys at SSG were incredibly invested in the product and the build. Our product sees the majority of its traffic at the weekend when everyone is usually enjoying their free time, but the team spent their personal time ensuring the game was where it needed to be every weekend.”

Joe Comiskey,Head of eCommerce Capability, Innovation and Strategy UK Unilever

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