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Why we use react native

It's super native

A React Native app is a real mobile app. Unlike web app wrappers, React Native uses native platform libraries, creating a completely native experience for your users.

Buy one get one free on apps

React allows us to build mobile apps for iOS and Android at the same time with a shared application logic. There's an added benefit of shared application code for web applications as well.

Ship fast, for less

React Native allows us to build incredibly efficiently, so you can get to market in record time and the shared codebase could reduce the cost of your product build by 40%!

Built with React Native

Built with Unity

For games and AR experiences we use Unity, the world's most widely-used real-time 3D and 2D game development platform.

Built with Flutter

Flutter is an exciting, cross platform development platform designed by Google.

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Open source contributions

Our team have been working with the React and React Native community since the framework was first released and we still do every day. We contribute to the improvement of existing components and libraries as well as creating and open sourcing our own components for the wider community.

React Native Firebase Auth

Simplified Firebase authentication for React Native projects with support for Facebook & Google login.

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React Native Navigation

A complete native navigation solution for React Native.

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