Business Validation

Before we build anything, we help to identify the current biggest assumptions in your product or business, we can then help build tests to validate each assumption and finally frame any conclusions into actionable output.

We understand that looking after the pennies can be the most important factor for a successful startup, so we help you identify how much of the product you need to build to test your value proposition. Getting feedback early can save you thousands in wasted development.

Our test and learn services have helped startups and large enterprises to test the apetite for new products or propositions, the acceptance for pricing models and price points and the implementation of new features for existing products.

Our business validation services range from ad campaigns, low fidelity prototypes, increasing in fidelity all the way up to rapid application builds.

Trusted by

  • Unilever
  • Visa
  • Barclays
  • Hertz
  • Dugout FC
  • Ford
  • Coral
  • Buzzmove
  • NHS
  • Pearson
  • Guardian
  • Disney
  • Amnesty International
  • Patient View
  • Publicate
  • Sony

“Solid State Group are really easy to work with as they are open to feedback and provide regular updates to be able to take decisions on the fly. They came up with a brilliant idea at our hackathon and they've taken on board the insights from our business to further refine the product later on.”

Why us?

We start small

Helping and even investing in startups

We work fast

Rapid prototyping with agile methodology

We think big

Driving innovation for corporate clients

We stay true

Delivering projects transparently, end to end

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