Visualising data for effective marketing communications

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A web app visualising dynamic charts by integrating with Typeform and Recharts, a composable charting library built on React components.


WFA regularly send out questionnaires to their members to gather information. Once they receive the responses from their members they would spend hours manipulating the data into spreadsheets and creating charts to present to their members so they can determine how their performance compares to other member organisations. This process would mean that their members were waiting weeks before they saw any results from the data they provided.


By integrating with Typeform, we were able to give the WFA’s member organisations immediate feedback on their performance compared with other member organisations. To do this, we captured and stored the responses from Typeform whenever a new response to the questionnaire was submitted. Using this information, we were then able to generate a page with dynamic charts displaying the member’s responses against the average of all the other submissions at the end of the questionnaire.

Technologies used

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