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Instant payment integration with NFC Ring


Visa Europe Collab wanted to work with renowned designer Henry Holland to create a stir at London Fashion Week.

We built a user-friendly system that allowed House of Holland’s VIP guests to buy any of the designer items on show by touching them with a ring on their finger.

Technology has never been more wearable.


For users, we needed to create a mobile interface for the payment system; and for Henry Holland, we had to devise a way to tag individual items and outfits.

Not only that: it needed to be robust enough to work first time in a high-profile live environment, and we only had six weeks until launch. And, of course, it had to look stylish.


We built a mobile app supporting a cloud-based payment system. We then linked NFC tags on each outfit to a virtualised terminal and Visa’s payment network via Bluetooth, using a stylised version of a standard NFC Ring device.

This solution allowed guests to tap their unique ring against the tag on any outfit, instantly purchasing it, so they could pick up their goods on the way out of the show.


The guests were visibly impressed by the integration of technology and fashion, which worked perfectly on the night. Many guests made transactions during the event, proving that there’s an appetite for innovative payment solutions.

And like all the best fashion, our solution was stylish, seamless and bespoke.

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