Throwin creates communities around the
football teams we love


Throwin is a social live football scores app, which allows users to chat and interact with other uses in private or public channels. Each channel can be customised for the users participating in it with the ability to pin live scoreboards and share related content and news directly into the chat without ever leaving the app.

Users get periodic updates about the games they care about, live and in real-time inside their channels creating a completely unique experience, combining all of the features of a chat app, all of the real-time data you get with a live scores app and breaking football news from all the major outlets.


The biggest challenge was to turn what is currently a very solitary pursuit into a living, breathing, social sports app with more live features than you can shake a stick at.

Understanding the way people currently use live score and sports news apps was crucial to creating intuitive and compelling workflows within the app, so a lengthy analysis of the user journeys during the design phase was invaluable.


We recognised that crital mass was imperitive for this kind of proposition so we used React Navtive to build iOS and Android apps simultaneously to double the potential audience for release 1.0.

We created a directory of data sources for sharable news in all channels and developed a subscription model that would allow users to get updates from the entities (Football club, individual matches, chat groups) in the app that they cared about.

Technologies used