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One of the worlds largest pet food brands approached SSG with the task of testing the appetite (sorry) for a cat food product that mirrored their successful dog food subscription product already operating in the UK and Europe.


After initial discussions, we agreed to approach the problem using our test and learn process, which involved iterative test cycles to answer the largest questions that the business had to answer before committing to launching a brand new product in the UK.

The creative brief was to design a new brand identity, product packaging and product website for a cat food subscription business. The brand must feel real, high quality and generate enough confidence for website visitors to commit to buying the products and sign up for a weekly, monthly or annual subscription.


We undertook a 5 day design sprint, during which time we developed a number of brand names before settling on MeowNow.

We then set about creating a number of brand routes beginning with 6 polarising ideas and gradually knocking those down until the client was settled on one route, which was then iterated until sign off.

Once we had a brand we began to create a design language, once again developing multiple routes for the client and eventually progressing with one. This would eventually be used to design the ad creative and the responsive website.

As part of the creative requirements we needed to show some legitimate product packaging that you might expect to see in a real life subscription product. We set about designing cans, bags and boxes that would provide the backdrop for the marketing efforts.

Fonts & Colours

Primary Colours

Business Logic

Once we had signed off creative, we built the digital properties with the logic to serve different versions of the site to different demographics. In this instance, the questions that the client wanted to answer were product type, pricing model and price point. In Test cycle 1 we tested the interest in various combinations of food types. Test cycle 2 we locked the product and tested different subscription models and also variations in the price point.

We ran ads that pushed traffic towards the product pages and evenly distributed that traffic to measure which model / price point typically garnered the greatest propensity to buy.

Test and Learn

One of SSG’s specialist services is designing and executing digital tests that allow startups, scale ups and enterprise companies test anything from individual features, to complete businesses (as in this case). We work with you to design tests around the biggest questions you have about your existing product or the biggest assumptions you have about a new product/idea.

“ The work you all did was great - and beyond the test being successful, the energy it created internally just seeing something that felt so real... it's been awesome thanks so much - really enjoyed working with you all.”

Laura Cannon, New Market & Strategies

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