Social marketing, made easy

Find the relevant conversations for your small business on Twitter


Chorus was built to give marketeers, small businesses and startups the edge on trending conversations in their sector. With Chorus you can create campaigns and capture tweets from anyone talking about the subjects your business cares about, through #hashtags, keywords and @mentions.

You can even automate the actions for those campaign results, and automatically retweet, like, and even reply (from your own saved responses).


Twitter have incredibly strict rules around automation so we attempted to ensure that limits and rules were not broken in order to make the product scalable. We built our own rules into the automation settings aswell as the API to stay well clear of the limits that might cause problems to users.

Technologies used


We started with a rudimentary version of the app and asked a group of people from different sectors to use it and feedback. We then took the feedback to build out the roadmap and subsequently the product itself, adding the requested features and improving the UX for areas that weren't well understood by the test group. The feedback on the idea was universally good and we got real validation on the idea from startups very soon after launch.