Secure online platform for clinicians and patients.

Glenfiddich Stag Racing - When Whisky Meets Hackathons. A Multiplayer AR racing game for mobile.

Making fantasy football a reality. Developing with React and React Native.

Automated ecommerce via connected scales.

Connected Car mobile application. We designed and developed the app itself in under six weeks, at which point it was exhibited at Mobile World Congress 2017 – to glowing praise.

We built a user-friendly system that allowed House of Holland’s VIP guests to buy any of the designer items on show by touching them with a ring on their finger.

Mobile application for managing bookings, accessing hotel facilities and controlling access to the premium WiFi service.

Get live match updates straight into your chat and share football news, pictures, tweets & videos easily and all in the same place. Make your football chat, even better.

ChangePlease! is a spend / debt tracking app for groups of friends who split dinner cheques, buy rounds of beer, do group shopping or any other spending scenarios when cost must be shared out and tracked against an individual.

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