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Making our LED Wall emotionally aware with IBM’s Watson

It’s friday afternoon and things are starting to wind down as the weekend approaches. We decided to add a cool new integration to our MASSIVE LED wall.


Building a pixel wall in virtual reality with React VR and RIO! Our first impressions

We got such a great reception from our project RIO and were so excited to see it posted by the likes of Adafruit, Motherboard and Raspberry Pi we decided to simulate our 3d wall in the office in virtual reality.


They went to SXSW and I alI got was this lousy blog

So here I am sitting at my desk a week after THE WHOLE COMPANY (apart from me) went to SXSW.


We built a giant pixel wall for fun, but what we learnt went a lot further.

Every tech company has side projects and Solid State is no different. It keeps devs motivated and flexes the bits of the brain sometimes not quite reached by day to day coding.


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