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We’re privileged to know many great women and men who are working to bring change to their industries, to empower employees to take charge of their ideas and raise the standards of the whole sector. I wanted to share some knowledge from some of those people and this time I’ve brought a piece of work from the boutique consultancy PPL Consulting.

We love PPL’s ethos, their approach and their mission. They work primarily in the healthcare sector and in this article their Principal Consultant, David Segal, gives us his roadmap for working collaboratively with public sector clients, though it applies to private industries just as well.

(The article’s taken from PPL’s Impact Report produced to celebrate their ten year anniversary, which is well worth reading in more depth.)

PPL’s crucial checklist for collaboration includes:

  • Providing space for teams to be freely creative
  • Ensuring ideas are owned by every tier of employees
  • What building long-lasting capability actually means

Take it away David:

The scale of the changes we support in the public sector can be vast, challenging and often overwhelming. Yet it is excitement about the very scale and potential of these transformations that drives us to do the work we do. Most importantly when working on any change programme, the impact of our work should continue long after our time with our clients ends.

So how do we work with busy public sector leaders to achieve this? To support sustainable change, we build roadmaps for transformation collaboratively with our clients. We will plan to improve outcomes for patients and service users but also include developing capability in the staff and leadership teams for the future.

In our experience of supporting leaders and teams, we have found that it is crucial to:

Provide the space for leaders and their staff to be creative

For change to be successful in the public sector, everyone needs to be thinking differently. We help to inspire this by sharing experiences from elsewhere and by facilitating an environment that allows for creativity. We link up different people in the system, consolidate ideas, and pick up some of the heavy lifting to give our clients space to do the important thinking.

Ensure ideas are owned by the organisation from top to bottom

Ideas need to have support of the leadership to launch but will go nowhere if not recognised by the staff on the ground as well. Rather than approaching ownership and engagement as either bottom up or top down, we believe true co-production brings all people into the same space. All elements on the programme, from the model of care design to establishing a governance process, contain opportunities to engage people that should be taken.

Build capability over time

When a client no longer needs us because they have built their capability to manage change, we’ve succeeded. PPL is focused on providing the scaffolding to build change not on delivering the change itself.

Work not under direction, or in collaboration, but in true partnership

We do not work as “experts” telling organisations how their teams will work (which is not say that we do not have expertise!). We aim to build trusted relationships to give leaders a space to test ideas and to build the partnership across the organisation to provide connections. We invest in the success and the risk of the work with our partners and clients and have a shared strategic goal to make a real difference.

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