How I Started A Tech Business - As Told By Seven Of London's Top Entrepreneurs

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We support startups. We wanted to shine a light on London’s ecosystem to show the tenacity, passion and journeys shown by a cross section. We interviewed 7 entrepreneurs, as diverse as can be in age, background, gender, career and startup industry, but with one thing in common, they all left a successful corporate career to found startups.

These corporate-leavers-turned-founders are the demographic most likely to build successful businesses and grow the UK economy, so they’re deserving of the tech community’s support.

We hope their war stories, journeys and nuggets of wisdom serve as a guide to aspiring entrepreneurs sat in blue chip offices, dreaming big ideas, and wondering how to start.

We’ve indexed the interviews into the categories of ex-profession, hard skills, personal challenges, and new startup industry.

By Ex-Profession

I Left Commercial Law

I Left Telefonica

I Left Financial Services

I Left PwC

I Left The BBC

I Left Accountancy

I Left Procter & Gamble

In my day to day job I was spending more time in middle management strategy meetings than doing anything interesting. It was really stifling to me in my early thirties - Richie Barter

By Hard Skills Advice

Becoming Technical - Sara Tateno

Hiring a tech team and implementing process - Richie Barter

Not building a bespoke product - Electra Japonas

How to get a great CTO - Tor Gisvold

Choosing good people - Kim Guest

First steps to take - Lu Li

Avoiding the hyperbole - Joe Scarboro

Corporates help with confidence, in particular perceived confidence. My corporate job trained me really well to found a new business strategically, and launch new products in new markets. - Lu Li

By Personal Challenge

Entrepreneurship as a personal journey - Lu Li

Saying no to significant people - Kim Guest

Overcoming inexperience in the tech startup world - Sara Tateno

Dealing with career ennui - Richie Barter

Life and death pressure - Tor Gisvold

Becoming ok with uncertainty - Electra Japonas

Not joining a startup - Joe Scarboro

I would change my younger self to have this experience building a product and working with a technical team and include it in my career much earlier on. Have a bit more fun! - Kim Guest

By Startup Industry

Machine Learning, Retail & Insurtech - Richie Barter

AI and Automation - Tor Gisvold

Healthcare Tech - Kim Guest

Legal Tech - Electra Japonas

Consumer App - Sara Tateno

Bots & Corporate Innovation - Joe Scarboro

Community Brand - Lu Li

“Paying it forward” in the startup ecosystem is hugely important, the more of us that do it, the better the ecosystem becomes. - Joe Scarboro

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