The Road To Disruption - How To Find And Build Great Ideas

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The massive horror show of Snapchat’s redesign is being blamed on one guy: the CEO Evan Spiegel.

On a flight from China, he decided by himself to do the redesign, and now we’re being told he forced the changes through against the advice of his designers, team, and test users.

That’s an awful lot of “I told you so”.

The failure of the lone genius to hit a home run yet again is indicative of the wider trend across the digital industry: the trend of top-down innovation struggling to predict and adapt for the future. It’s no longer good enough for today’s world. It’s all about the bottom-up approach now.

“Most companies fail because they miss the future.” - Larry Page

Mature companies are starting to invest in the power of harnessing their people to find and deliver the next great disruptive idea before some bright spark in a bedroom puts them out of business. This means involving everyone from the graduate recruit to the oldest client to even the general public.

So, on the evening of Tuesday June 26th, we’re holding our first event focussing entirely on the practical steps to building an ideas pipeline in your company, validating those ideas, and the principles for building successful prototypes. After all, what good is an idea if you can’t build it?

Guest Speakers:

  • Pieter Guichelaar - Head of 10x Innovation and Additive Manufacturing at GKN, the engineering giant.
  • Simon Devonshire OBE - Entrepreneur and Investor, previously Entrepreneur in Residence for the UK Government.
  • Joe Comiskey - Head of Digital, Northern Europe at Beiersdorf, the owner of Nivea.

Our priority for this event is that you leave with a clear road to disruptive innovation in your organisation.

There will be no jargon, no vague guff, no high level horizon view theoretical mantras, just the best bet for predicting the future.

You Will Leave With:

  • The principles for creating a successful and sustainable culture of innovation
  • The principles for building smart experiments to validate opportunities
  • The principles for building rapid prototyping teams and processes
  • Hard-learned lessons and war stories from innovation experts
  • Behind-the-scenes look at future-proofing tactics at huge corporates.

At Solid State Group, we’re the specialists for building prototypes, so for idea generation and validation we’re delighted to join forces with Pollen8 and 1Up.

1UP is an innovation agency which helps companies re-think their products and services, and offers access to exciting new specialised agencies and startups in the digital space.

Pollen8 empowers leaders to make the right innovation decisions and show ROI on innovation quickly. They build bottom-up structured innovation funnels which deliver new projects and ventures at scale, which is exactly what everyone wants.

If this all sounds like your cup of tea, you can register for your spot right here: The Road To Disruption. Feel free to bring colleagues.

  • When - 6:30pm, Tuesday 26th June
  • Where - The Trampery, 239 Old Street, London EC1V 9EY