How To Use React Native To Get Stakeholder Backing For Innovation Projects

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Hackathons have a lovely atmosphere about them where anything goes and everyone is really positive about even the strangest suggestion. Budget-keepers who’d usually shut down requests for extra tea bags are suddenly enthusing about a junior associate’s mad idea to blockchain the NHS in two weeks. But rather like those parties where someone suggests a two week holiday to a Spanish villa and then everyone sobers up and starts to back out with lame excuses, so as at hackathons and team away days, the initial excitement can start to wear thin as stakeholders face up to their day-to-day responsibilities.

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React Native can help you strike while the iron’s hot, whether it’s pushing through an idea from a hackathon, a team brainstorm, or your own shower thoughts.

Here’s how to use it to get the stakeholder’s attention and push your baby project into the light.

As with the ideation stage, speed is still key, and React Native’s cross platform capability means you can halve the development time when compared to Java or Swift.

Yup, you can have a working demo for everyone’s phone in half the time.

But that time will be wasted if you don’t achieve that other goal: momentum.

Momentum is the secret sauce because with startups and projects, success is 10% the idea, 90% timing (sometimes known as “luck”). Persuade your backers that you have the right timing, and the right momentum to take advantage of that timing, and you’re on your way.

React Native will help you build momentum in two ways:

  1. It’s a technology with momentum in and of itself
  2. You can use it to iterate your app quickly based on feedback from early users AND from stakeholders.

This means you can demonstrate the journey your idea has already been on, the improvements which have already been made, the learnings and insights which have already been discovered. It’s a compelling story to budget holders.

But first, React Native is a technology with an exciting future. Created and open-sourced by Facebook, it is now the fourth most starred repo on Github.

Third party plugins grow by the day, meaning that it grows with the demands of consumer mobile use, so by default it remains modern and relevant. We’ve even used it for virtual reality apps.

When discussing the execution of your idea, you can use React Native to give your backers confidence that the right tools for the job exist now, and also in the future. It helps you avoid the dreaded Obsolete and Legacy Technology Traps.

Now here’s our practical tip for using React Native to get stakeholders on board: get their feedback as early as possible.

Microsoft recently released a new version of CodePush, which is a module for React Native which allows you to update your app without having to submit it to the appstore. (The big innovation was how it deals with app crashes and bad updates, read this article for more info on how it works).

This means that you can involve others much earlier in the build process, because you’ll be able to iterate and build on your app off of their feedback, as opposed to the torturous process of repeated uploads to the appstore.

And this speed gives you the opportunity to refine your proposition and seek real users and real traction.

Startups are flowers in the desert, and feedback is their rain.

Stakeholders find it very hard to say no to projects with real traction and real users. Very hard to say no to momentum.

And of course, if you’ve taken on board feedback from the actual stakeholders themselves, and used CodePush to present the results of the changes they suggested that same week, not only will they be impressed by your execution, they won’t help but feel invested and flattered.

Your hackathon iron will be burning hot.

We’re building the ultimate React Native resource for corporates, get our next Issue on that and other startup tech straight to your inbox

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