How Do I Use A React Native App To Raise A Seed Round?

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This blog is for you if you’ve got an MVP, tested your startup hypothesis, and now want to gun for some proper funding. You’ve espied that SEIS tax relief and now you’re going after the angels. You need a beta app to knock their socks off.

Here’s why you should pick React Native to build that money-winning app, and how to spin it in the pitch.

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Before we start:

  1. Check out this blog if you have no clue what React Native is.
  2. Read this blog if you’ve not built your MVP yet or alpha version of your app.
  3. And after this blog, you can graduate to the next in our series on React Native, which covers React Native for scale-ups who need to worry about future-proofing and stable code.

How do spend my dwindling resources on devs to build a performant RN app to win me some funding?

First off, hire the right kind of devs.

Here are the five top things you should know to sift great devs from the pile of applicants in your inbox. They should help you sort the wheat from the chaff, the gold from the mud, the needle from the haystack, the peer-reviewed journalism from the Facebook Newsfeed.

Tl;dr: it covers the hard skills, the soft skills, the team structure, and the bigger picture.

Now, how to nab that funding.

It’s all about the product demo in your meetings. There’s no second chance on on a first impression and you want your app to perform smoothly on everyone’s phones, first time. To get to that dream point, we highly recommend you keep things simple. React Native will give you a knockout app above and below the hood, thanks to its cross platform capability.

Simplicity - the key to avoiding that cringe tech demo failure in an angel investor meeting

React Native is cross platform because it creates one codebase for apps on the two operating systems of iOS and android. This means one team of React Native developers can build the app on two platforms for you. You will not have to relay complex requirements across multiple teams, at different stages in the project, or even across multiple agencies. Instead, you will have simplicity.

Thus less time is spent on building features and fighting bugs on two platforms, and more time spent on impressive UI features like smooth scrolls.

React Native solves that short term problem of a performant tech demo, but, your angel investors are in it for the long term. They want you to be the 1% which spins them millions, and your app needs to prove to them that you can.

In your pitch, you need to weave the golden thread to guide them through the labyrinth of opportunities to the glowing door of a successful exit.

You need to show them not only how your business will grow with every opportunity, but how the tech you use can scale too. React Native is that app development language which can grow with your business’s demands, and be adaptable and futuristic enough to get your investors seeing dollar signs.

This is because React Native is young and flexible, and leading the pack in digital transformation.

Use cases in 2018 for React Native

Take Virtual Reality for example. The headsets and consumer appetite grows every year and it’s a sure bet that one day soon we will experience a mixed reality world through wearable devices, not through ten inch mobile screens.

React Native is right at the forefront of that revolution, recently sprouting React VR, the library for web VR applications, which we saw in person at SXSW and immediately started experimenting with. This was technology as early as you can get, no resources, no community, no guides, but we could start to get a grip on it thanks to our RN experience. It’s survival of the adaptable - thanks Darwin.

So, get your devs to prioritise a reliable demo, but add just enough sprinkle of futuristic innovation to prove your startup is bringing the future, not waiting for it.

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