Startups Who Built Apps In React Native

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When the likes of Walmart and Uber start using React Native for their apps, you pay attention. No longer does React Native serve only basic apps, no, this javascript framework is being used for everything from integrating old code with new, to re-writing hugely popular apps from scratch with 95% code shared between Android and iOS.

We’ve picked out an example for each kind of use case, so you can see whether your startup or digital transformation project could also ride the React Native rocket ship:

Dugout FC:

Use Case: building a new app from scratch in 6 months

How they built it: solidstategroup/dugout-fc

Dugout FC Mobile App

“Because we chose React Native, we could use near-identical code for both platforms, reducing development time by almost half.”


Use Case: building a mobile app based on a web demo

How they built it: UberEATS React Native

UberEATS app

“Our team had a great deal of experience using React but limited iOS/Android exposure.These considerations made React Native a compelling option”


Use Case: Completely re-writing a mobile app

How they built it:

More deets:

walmart app

“Walmart Labs just launched Electrode Native, its tool for large companies like Walmart to take their existing apps and slowly migrate parts of their code to React Native.”


Use Case: Integrating features into the current app:

How they built it:

Airbnb app

“The cost of integration with existing native apps was high, but it paid off.”

For more info on React Native: