Digital Transformation - By The Developers

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In 2017, 90% of digital transformation projects fail.

This has not gone unnoticed.

The multi-billion pound strategy consulting industry is rising to the challenge, CIOs are transforming into strategy leaders, and on every platform from Twitter to Slideshare, thought leaders are spurting out content to inform professionals on the best practices for digital transformation.

But here’s the advice from the guys actually building the digital products - the developers. Us.

We at Solid State develop digital products, we make systems work together, and most importantly for you, we drag legacy systems up to date. Half of companies which fail at digital transformation will do so because of their legacy systems.

We have a lot to say about that.

More communication is needed between developers and business to avoid these massive problems.

Legacy systems foil digital transformation

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So, every month we publish a new Issue looking at the digital world from a developer’s point of view, for the benefit of corporates, startups, futurists and digital transformers, so that your projects benefit from the latest solutions to the hardest technical challenges right from the very beginning.

The next Issue premieres on Thursday 28th September, with a special focus on digital transformation, open source technologies, and legacy system solutions.

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