Introducing SSG Labs

SSG Labs is our new home for our digital experiments and hacks, the projects we do to stretch ourselves, test new tech, burst some hype bubbles and have fun.

Labs is going to house everything from emotionally aware LED walls to mobile videogames, with a ton of stuff in the pipeline for the future.

Even the homepage is out of the ordinary.

RIO Pulsating

It displays RIO “Rendered-Input-Output”. RIO takes data and converts it into RGB arrays, which means you can send it gifs, messages or even video games, and it will display them on hundreds of pulsating dots.

Try it out, top gif suggestions are dancing pickle ricks, dogs licking windows, and of course, cats falling off smooth surfaces.

We made RIO because we were interested in the new tools for interactions between online and offline worlds - part of the growing Internet of Things revolution. We’ve also finished projects on VR and machine learning; we can’t sit around and watch everyone else do cool stuff, we need to join in.

Plus, we need to be more than specialists, we need to be polymaths who find inspiration from diversity of thoughts and unexpected perspectives. Case in point, to build a Battle Royale videogame, we ended up having to understand vector physics, now a new skill which can inform our other projects.

We’re not just inspired by new tech releases, we also deliberately set aside time to get together and hack something new: we have app-jams, our hackathons for digital products, and our weekly Inspiration Hours, which we hold to encourage side projects. There are going to be a lot more digital experiments to show you in the coming months, I assure you.

They’ll live primarily on SSG Labs along with repository links, and we’ll blog about their development on the SSG Blog right here. Then we’ll announce new releases on Twitter, and in our Newsletter which we send out every month, you can sign up for it at the bottom of the page.

But this isn’t just a platform for our ideas, we want you to add your own too.

Whether you’ve got ideas for new features for the projects, questions about the repos, or have an idea for us to build from scratch, contact us: and we’ll see what we can do.

So, pop over to SSG Labs, send us suggestions and ideas, and together we can pierce the Dark Veil of Human Ignorance, draw out the Thread of Enlightenment, and darn the Tea Cosy of Progress.