SEO - Patience Patience Patience!

A couple of years ago we re-wrote this website in "modern" CSS + XHTML. The main reason for this was to ensure that our site was accessible to those using limited browsing software, be it screen readers, PDA browsers or anything else.

One thing we didn't really expect was the effect it would have on our Google page rankings. Although the change was not immediately noticable, after a couple of months many of our search terms started creeping up. Great news for us, but we weren't sure if this was some sort of sandboxing effect or the results of our design efforts. Over a period of time it became clear that Google really liked our new CSS and XHTML.

But we didn't stop there! WebDeck has a neat feature whilst you are building your page templates that allows you to display different content to web crawlers as opposed to real human beings. Just put a tag around some content, and you are set:


We Love Google


If you only want to display content to human beings, just use:


We Love Real People Too


This technique allows us to remove a lot of redundant content that search engines are not interested in and focus on the stuff that they are. The results, as you can see in the graph above, seem to work!

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