Adding OpenID to Cookie Jar and your website


We’ve wanted to add OpenID a number of our sites for a while now.  It can be a massive benefit allowing single sign on using an existing OpenID account, with authentication provided by one of the many trusted providers including Google, Yahoo, MySpace and AOL.  This week we implemented the technology for the first time and integrated it into our content management product, Cookie Jar.

Some of our sites would implement OpenID to increase conversion rates for new user registrations.  For this project we were implementing OpenID for a corporate intranet to leverage their existing Google accounts.

Cookie Jar, our content management product runs on a Java technology stack so we chose the openid4java client to add this functionality.  The implementation process lasted just a few hours, so credit must be given to authors of the OpenID client and shows the ease that Cookie Jar can be extended to adopt newer technologies.

The results were that pleasing that we expect that a significant proportion of our clients will adopt some aspects of OpenID, it is that good!

The next step for our intranet project is to extend this authentication process to include service authorisation.  OpenID can be extended using OAuth in this case specifically for Google Apps.  This protocol allows Google Apps users to authorise Cookie Jar to access their personal and shared data.


For our intranet project we are going to make use of Google contacts, calendar and documents.  All this can still be achieved through the single login process.  Check out this demo to still how this works.

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