SolidNote is a fast, clean, simple note taking application for Android phones that sync's with the SimpleNote cloud service and associated applications. Inspired by the SimpleNote iPhone app.

To install SolidNote, just search for "SolidNote" in the Android market. 

If you need support with the application, or if you have any ideas for upcoming releases of the application, please contact us. Please note that right now SolidNote only supports Android 2.1 or Android 2.2 - we're working hard to get it running on 1.6.

Upcoming Version

Features we've got coming up in the next release:

  • Day and Night settings

Version History

Version 1.3 - Released 7 September 2010

  • Added New Note button to home screen
  • Added "Max Notes to Show" preference
  • Fixed new lines whilst editing notes in Landscape
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 1.2 - Released 19 July 2010

  • Improved Search Bar
  • Share Note menu item
  • Delete Note confirmation
  • Bug Fixes

Version 1.1 - Released 15 July 2010

  • Search your notes from the application and from the Android Search area
  • Context menus for list items
  • Bug fixes

Version 1.0 - Released 13 July 2010

Initial Release.