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Posted on: Feb 10 11
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So yesterday we started the production phase of an exciting new project. It's exciting for two reasons: firstly it's a great idea for a web-based business, and secondly we've decided to write
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Posted on: Dec 09 25
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For those of you with iPhones, you may be familiar with an app called instapaper. Ben rates this as his number one iPhone app and so far hasn't been available on the android market. So in true Solid
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Posted on: Oct 09 28
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I thought it would be interesting to post the browser stats for our site. Goes to show how much a specific market segment can affect your browser statistics from the norn...
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Posted on: Oct 09 15

The problems with @font-face

Posted by Giles Cambray
A couple of weeks ago I blogged about a comparison between sIFR, Cufon and @font-face, and yesterday, amongst the current on-line chatter about @font-face, we came across an excellent post by Steve Souders about
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Posted on: Sep 09 29
Every now and again we at Solid State like to review the current trends in dynamic text replacement techniques; getting text on a web-page in a non 'web safe' font.  Traditionally, 4 years ago, if
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