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Posted on: Dec 09 02
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I'm not happy at the moment. The reason my aura is off centre is one that most agencies will come up against from time to time and has caused much debate about whether pitch work should be paid

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Posted on: Nov 09 13
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The dark side of Twitter

I recently received a tweet from someone I was following about a new software package they had bought to automate marketing on Twitter. This immediately rang alarm bells.

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Posted on: Oct 09 17
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Over the coming months I plan to blog about various upgrades we are doing to our products. In this post I'm going to explain a little about the incoming email functionality we have added to the latest

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Posted on: Oct 09 02

I thought our Feedburner graph was worth sharing. What with all the 'old school' content providers fumbling with the idea of charging for content, it's hard for us to quantify the value of this blog.

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