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Posted on: Oct 09 15
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It’s not just about Twitter, although it has had a large part to play in all of this.  People simply won’t adopt a technology until a society is

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Posted on: Oct 09 02

I thought our Feedburner graph was worth sharing. What with all the 'old school' content providers fumbling with the idea of charging for content, it's hard for us to quantify the value of this blog.

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Posted on: Oct 09 01
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At least once a year for the last 12 years I have worked on squeezing some kind of TV ad online.  From basic ‘micro-sites’ with a few screen savers and other downloads to a fully managed,

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Posted on: Sep 09 30
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The NMA have just sent me an £110 ‘invite’ to a half day conference to help me learn how to choose a digital agency.  ‘The traditional divides…are coming down’

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