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Posted on: May 14 15

On Wednesday 9th April Solid State Group received, via The Hoxton Mix Collective, a brief from Unilever™ to create an innovative solution to assist in

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Posted on: Mar 14 10

ICMM responsive site

Posted by Joe Langford
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Last year we put live our first responsive website as an agency for one of our long term clients ICMM. We worked with ICMM on reskinning their website, and as a second phase of work we were

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Posted on: Apr 13 03
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BitCoin is hot right now. Everyone loves a get rich quick scheme, and the rise and rise of BitCoin has proved just the emotional tonic to counter the doom and gloom coming out of most of the western

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Posted on: Jan 13 03

We do a lot of work with startups. As a result we are always refining the services and platforms that we recommend to our clients to help them get their ideas off the ground. Over the last couple

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