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Posted on: Apr 08 18

Into the clouds

Posted by Giles Cambray
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There have been a couple of big announcements this week that probably aren't getting the attention they deserve, especially when you consider the paradigm shift that they actually represent.


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Posted on: Mar 08 18
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Having struggled with Windows Mobile Devices for a couple of years (they were good but crashed ALL the time, like when you had an incoming call) and a Nokia E61 (solid but oh so boring) I finally took

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Posted on: Feb 08 21
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Testing our web applications has always been a difficult area for us at Solid State Group. When we were smaller we used to pass on the QA stage of the web build process to developers that were working

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Posted on: Jan 08 08
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I'm fairly into technology. I would say I'm a bit of an early adopter, paying more to have the gadgets that aren't quite ready for release yet. I remember having a mobile phone in 1994, it wouldn't

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